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Care Manual

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Manuály Zdraví & Fitness
Vývojář: Zenkoukai

----------------------ver 2.0----------------------
Translated into English. (English manuals)

This is a nursing care manual for people who want to know How to care elderly. This provides a lot of contents such as eating, bathing, elimination...

Social Welfare Corporation Zenkoukai obtained the Permission for foundation in December, 2005 in Japan. And now (December, 2010), Zenkoukai manages a Social Welfare Facility Complex The Santafe Garden Hills, Fractal Village (Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan).

-Flos Higashi-Kojiya (special nursing facility for elderly)
-Aqua Higashi-Kojiya (nursing healthcare facility for elderly)
-Amicus Higashi-Kojiya (support facility for the physically and mentally challenged)
-Fractal Village Nishirokugo
-Fractal Village Haneda

WEB site: http://www.zenkoukai.jp/

-You can see any place by flicking and zooming in manual screen.
-Select the floor in facilities tab, the screen shows explanation of the floor.
-In the floor room, flick and double tap are available for switching and zooming.
-Tap the logo of ZENKOUKAI, it returns to the menu panel.

This manual is applicable to ONLY general cases, therefore Social Welfare Corporation Zenkoukai makes no guarantee about the content of this manual. For more specific information or more appropriate knowledge, please confirm to the doctor or the specialist.